Why Biden Didn’t Sanction Russia’s Energy Sector

Biden Didn't Sanction Russia's Energy Sector

(TheRedWire.com) – The US has imposed several sanctions on Russia due to its aggressive actions against Ukraine. However, the one area where the government could most damage to the Kremlin isn’t part of those penalties, and people are curious about the reasons.

During the February 28 press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed a reporter’s question about why the US has not issued any energy sanctions against Russia. Psaki replied the administration’s steps have to balance between punishing Russian President Vladimir Putin and not harming the global market and Americans. Essentially, she explained energy sanctions would be bad for the US and its allies.

She noted such steps are not out of the question in the future. Right now, there is too much concern over how such a move would impact the already sky-high energy prices in Europe. According to Psaki, European gas prices have gone up 26% in the last week.

The press secretary explained energy sanctions might cripple Russia, but they could do the same to the European energy market. Weighing all factors is essential to ensuring any punishment leveled at Putin doesn’t have unintended consequences on allied nations.

Do you buy Psaki’s answer or do you think something else is going on behind the scenes?

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