Why You Freeze to Death on Airplanes

Why You Freeze to Death on Airplanes

(TheRedWire.com) – Flying is a convenient way to travel long distances, but it can be a cold endeavor. Flight crews spend a lot of time passing out blankets because the temperature inside the cabin is downright frigid. While people may think this is some type of punishment, airlines do it on purpose to protect passengers.

Keeping temperatures on planes cooler can help to prevent passengers from losing consciousness due to a condition known as hypoxia. The medical issue occurs due to a lack of oxygen, which the combination of warm temperatures and low cabin pressures can aggravate. The airline can help keep people from passing out by keeping the air colder.

Experts confirm that fainting due to hypoxia is common on flights, which can be dangerous. Officials linked the health issue to a plane crash in 2005 that killed everyone on board. The aircraft had lost cabin pressure, which led the crew and passengers to lose consciousness. The autopilot didn’t have time to kick in before the plane crashed.

Airlines decided to avoid all the risks and implement an easy fix by dropping cabin temperatures. Most people would agree it is better to be a little chilly as they travel than to end up with a potentially deadly situation.

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