Will Future iPhones Detect Mental Health Problems?

Will Future iPhones Detect Mental Health Problems?

(TheRedWire.com) – Apple is on the cusp of another significant health innovation. In 2019, the company created technology allowing its Apple Watch 4 users to detect potential heart problems by monitoring the heart through an electrocardiogram. Now, the tech company is developing an innovation that could be another medical game-changer. The massive company is working on an iPhone technology to detect depression, mental decline, and childhood autism.

For instance, here’s how it might detect depression. An algorithm would monitor data sent from sensors in the phone that detects motion, various activity levels, sleep patterns, and other human activities that are not yet determined. When the algorithm detects a change, it could signal a mental health problem. The technology is still under development in the early stages, meaning there’s no guarantee it will make it to market, but there‚Äôs great hope surrounding the concept.

In a related project, the giant tech company is supposedly working with Duke University to create a separate algorithm for detecting childhood autism. When a child looks into the camera, the phone will see how a young person focuses, sways from side to side or back and forth, and other tell-tale signs of the potential illness. Programming is still in the early stages of development.

New medical breakthroughs are on the horizon. Who knows what other things Apple could come up with next. Stay tuned. It’s bound to be interesting.

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