Woke Kindergarten Is Apparently Targeting “Whiteness”

Woke Kindergarten Is Apparently Targeting

Kindergarten Targets “Whiteness” With Insane Crackdown

(TheRedWire.com) – While many red states are moving to end Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender teaching to children in public education, a California school system appears to be embracing them. Hayward Unified School District recently paid an organization called “Woke Kindergarten” $20,000 for an entire month of training. Its goal was to help educators create a curriculum around anti-racist and anti-bias concepts and target “whiteness.”

According to an exclusive investigative piece published by the Washington Examiner, the contract between the institution and consultancy firm states staff will integrate Woke Kindergarten’s philosophy to “disrupt whiteness” and anti-Black narratives. Akiea Gross, who self-identifies as a black, queer, nonbinary, transgender abolitionist, founded the consultancy group in Maryland.

The company website says the firm’s mission is to discover unique ways to inform schools about how they can “resist, heal, liberate, and create” using their system. The website features several short videos that promote anti-police views and the LGBT agenda.

Parents Defending Education told the Washington Examiner that Woke Kindergarten is ideological indoctrination and doesn’t belong in an elementary classroom. The school refused the Examiner’s requests for comment.

Will parents be looking for this type of teacher training as students prepare to return to the classroom? In 2021, Virginia parents reacted against CRT and flipped the governorship, Lt. governor’s mansion, attorney general, and the statehouse.

The question is, will there be energy in other states to do the same in November?

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