Woke NFL Star Pathetically Begs Organization to Take Him Back

Woke NFL Star Pathetically Begs Organization to Take Him Back

(TheRedWire.com) – Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Fransico 49ers, began a protest against what he perceived as social injustice in 2016. To make a point, he began kneeling during the national anthem before the start of every game. Ultimately, he became more famous for protesting America, declaring the NFL was akin to slavery and attacking police over playing football. Kaepernick hasn’t signed with another team since the 49ers cut him after the 2016 season.

In an episode of I AM ATHLETE with ex-NFL players, Kaepernick talked about the unlikely chance he’ll ever play in the NFL again. Former NFL wide receiver and “Inside the NFL” co-host Brandon Marshall asked the social justice warrior if he would accept a backup role with a team. The former quarterback said he absolutely would and that he just needs an opportunity to prove he can still play in the NFL despite the six years he’s been away from the game.

In recent weeks, Kaepernick worked out with several NFL wide receivers to promote his skills to teams. Yet, there’s only one reason he’s not in the NFL right now, and he has no one to blame but himself. In 2017, the 49ers offered Kaepernick a chance to stay on the team, but he refused unless they paid him more money.

Additionally, he turned down other opportunities. In 2018, the Denver Broncos offered him a contract, but Kaepernick turned it down. In 2019, the NFL went out of its way to give him a workout to show he was ready to play, but the former quarterback refused the offer.

So, while he begs the NFL to let him back in, they have already given him numerous chances in a league that requires players to prove they have what it takes every year or risk losing the opportunity to play. Getting a contract requires competition, and Kaepernick refused to compete at least three times.

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