Woke Scientist Changes Name of Asian Giant Hornet To Be Less Offensive

Woke Scientist Changes Name of Asian Green Hornet To Be Less Offensive

WOKE Scientist Changes Name of Insect To Avoid Hurt Feelings

(TheRedWire.com) – If you asked some Americans about the state of the country, they might say it has gone mad. The Left has demanded that people parse their words and stop using gender pronouns. In other instances, businesses and the US government have bent over backward not to insult China or the Chinese community. Now, a professor has gotten the okay to change the name of the Asian Giant Hornet to avoid offending people.

Chris Looney is an entomologist at Washington State University’s Department of Agriculture. He proposed to The Entomological Society of America (ESA) that it change the name of the “Asian Giant Hornet” to the “Northern Giant Hornet.”

The professor admits that the name is accurate but said the stigma of being Chinese coming out of the pandemic wasn’t helpful to studying the hornet. The woke entomologist noted that, at best, the original name isn’t helpful and, at worst, might be racist despite the insect’s origins. The ESA agreed and changed its name.

The giant bug is often called a “murder hornet” for its ability to wipe out entire hives of honeybees in a short time. They’ve made their way to the Pacific Northwest. Officials are trying to learn as much about them as possible so they can exterminate the huge bugs before they further damage the ecosystem. The insect can reach two inches long and is much larger than a honeybee.

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