Woman Accuses Top Democrat of “Selling Us Out to China”


(TheRedWire.com) – China has featured prominently in world news during 2020, including:

  • The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patient zero apparently came from the city of Wuhan.
  • Aggression against Taiwan spiked fears of “a Chinese invasion to reunify the island by force,” according to a senior diplomat in that country.
  • Chinese Intelligence agents set “honey traps” for American officials like Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

On December 12, a video of Representative Al Green (D-TX) emerged in which a woman yells at him to “stop selling us out to China.” His disturbing response to her charge was, in part, “…there is nothing you can do about it.”

No one affiliated with the representative has made any kind of public response to the video, so all the world is left with at this point is speculation. Some believe the video, taken on its own, implies an acknowledgment of the woman’s accusations. Unless and until Green addresses the issue, it may continue to rub salt into the festering wound representing relations between Democrats and Republicans.

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