Woman Charged for Alleged Plot to Kill Kamala Harris

Woman Charged for Alleged Plot to Kill Kamala Harris

(TheRedWire.com) – If someone is going to talk about doing something bad to an elected official, it’s not wise to do it over monitored networks. In fact, it’s not wise even to consider doing it at all. Unfortunately, for one Florida nurse, wisdom appears to be sorely lacking.

Niviane Petit Phelps allegedly sent five 30-second videos to her incarcerated husband through a service that allows incarcerated and non-incarcerated individuals to share media. According to charges filed in federal court, Phelps threatened Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Secret Service alleges that the nurse threatened to kill Vice President Harris in one video. Phelps said the VP would die in 50 days. Days later, she was photographed at a gun range and filed for a concealed weapons permit.

Why the threat against Harris?

Phelps, who is Black, believes the vice president is not a Black person, reportedly.

A Miami area hospital has employed Phelps as a nurse since 2001. She is currently suspended, and the medical care facility is terminating her employment.

If convicted of a crime, it appears she won’t need the software to talk to her incarcerated husband.

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