Woman’s Money Allegedly Stolen, Venue More Concerned About Removing Evidence

Woman's Money Stolen Allegedly by Drag Queen, Venue More Concerned About Removing Evidence

WATCH: Money STOLEN While Everyone Laughed on Camera

(TheRedWire.com) – Untold scores of tourists flock to Las Vegas every year expecting to have a good time. More times than not, they enjoy their visit without any hitches. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out very well for a woman, only identified as Meggy. She attended a Drag Brunch with friends as part of a birthday celebration and recorded a drag queen pulling a wad of cash out of her purse during a performance. Initially, she thought it was a prank. It wasn’t.

Meggy accused Bryan Watkins, whose stage name is Shannel, of stealing between $500 and $700 from her purse. The drag queen refused to return the money after Meggy called her out for taking it.

Not satisfied, Meggy reported the incident to management. However, they told her they were aware of the situation, adding that Watkins already denied the accusation. Then, they dropped a hammer on Meggy and called her a “Karen” and asked her to leave.

Frustrated, Meggy filed a police report and went on TikTok to share what happened to her. Soon afterward, the event venue emailed, offering to reimburse the stolen funds. They had one condition: Meggy had to delete the video.

The company claimed it was inciting violence against LGBT people. The email said if she didn’t remove it, Shannel would make a public statement. The performer ultimately went public and disputed the accusation.

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