Worlds First Malaria Vaccine Approved

Worlds First Malaria Vaccine Approved

( – Malaria is a nasty parasite transferred via mosquitoes to humans. Even worse, the disease can infect the same person multiple times. Malaria kills upwards of 500,000 people every year, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. About half of the deaths occur in children under five years old. The disease is not always fatal. Yet, the repeated contractions of the parasite can permanently alter the immune system and make the infected vulnerable to other ailments throughout their lifetimes.

Over a hundred years in the making, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently endorsed the world’s first-ever vaccine for Malaria. Mosquirix is the first vaccine ever created to combat any parasite. They are more complex than viruses or bacteria.

According to the manufacturer, Mosquirix’s efficacy rate was approximately 50% in the first year during clinical trials. By year four, it had no value whatsoever. Some question if it’s worth it, but the WHO claims it could save 23,000 lives of children younger than five and prevent 5.4 million cases of Malaria each year.

Due to the efficacy rates, there is no guarantee the manufacturer’s board will invest in the drug any further. If the company does get the green light, the process could take a year or longer before it’s ready to ship to those who need it. COVID-19 could also delay the development of the vaccine even longer.

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