You Won’t Believe What They Found in the Bathroom

You Won't Believe What They Found in the Bathroom

( – Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean people enjoy sharing space with them. Most people prefer to keep their distance from the honey-creating insects, but one Florida couple found that very difficult to do after a recent discovery in their bathroom.

Homeowners in St. Petersburg had to call on the services of beekeeper Elisha Bixler when they discovered a 7-foot-tall beehive behind their bathroom wall. The buzzing noise and occasional bees flying about alerted the couple to the issue. They weren’t concerned at first, but once bees started invading their space, they knew they needed help.

Once she was at the couple’s home, Bixler removed the queen from the productive, honey-oozing hive to begin the relocation process. Other bees followed the queen, making her removal the best way to move the entire hive. The colony will reestablish itself in an apiary on Bixler’s property. She extracted around 100 pounds of honey and between 60,000 to 80,000 bees during the operation.

Bixler recorded the process, and the video went viral. People registered shocked reactions at the massive hive, and some remarked on how calm Bixler was during the process, while others made silly jokes. Mainly, though, viewers were happy she could save the hive.

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