You Won’t Believe Where Democrats Want To House Migrants

Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – NYC Mayor Adams in a press conference on Monday requested that New York City residents welcome the thousands of incoming migrants and even proposed that in the future they might consider paying landlords and homeowners to house these immigrants.

During the press conference, he also announced a two-year partnership with (NYDIS) New York Disaster Interfaith Services which would enable worship houses and faith-based spaces to provide overnight shelters to individuals. The 50 locations included in this partnership could each house up to nineteen single adult men.

The mayor revealed that the partnership would play an integral role in assisting the city in dealing with the thousands of migrants who are dropped off in New York and that the program would provide shelter to around 1,000 asylum seekers. He pointed out that there is also the capacity for the program to be expanded and more migrants to be housed.

Apart from the overnight shelters, the city would also open five offsite daytime centers to help asylum seekers during the day while faith-based spaces carry out their daily activities.

In his message, Adams pointed out that regardless of which faith one practices, every spiritual tradition calls for you to care for those in need. He added that through this partnership they would be able to increase the shelters provided to asylum seekers across the five boroughs.

Following the announcement, he stated that he was considering the next step which would allow them to provide housing in private residences as well.

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