YouTube Deletes Account of Pro-Family Page For Uploading Steve Bannon Content

YouTube Deletes Account of Family Page for Uploading Steve Bannon Content

( – YouTube appears to be operating a double standard when it comes to enforcing its policies. The video platform deleted R Kelly’s pages from its platform according to its terms of service after a jury convicted him in early October. Despite the page removal, fans can still post Kelly’s music videos on their own YouTube pages. On Monday, October 11, YouTube removed the page of a top Conservative group for uploading interviews of its staff that appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. In January, YouTube removed Bannon’s account along with a host of other conservative pages in the wake of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

So, why is it okay for individuals to post R Kelly videos, but not for the American Principles Project, a Washington DC-based special interest program representing family concerns, to post interviews with its staff by Bannon? It appears to be a glaring contradiction of YouTube’s own policy. YouTube acknowledged the reason for the ban was due to content uploaded from Bannon’s podcast. The social media company, which Google owns, stated it enforces its policies equally for everyone.

YouTube said it believed the American Principles Project was unaware of the platform’s rules. It reinstated the page upon appeal but gave the organization a strike towards YouTube’s three-strike policy. If the organization violates the rules again, YouTube may not allow the organization to upload more videos. It could also banish the American Principles Project from the platform.

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