Democrat Leader Erupts On Biden

Photo by Jan Folwarczny on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams blasted President Biden for not having a meeting with him to discuss the $12 billion migrant crisis during his recent trip to the city. The two Democrats last spoke in early 2023.

Adams, who had to answer many questions about why he and President Biden did not meet during his recent visit to the town for the United Nations General Assembly, stated that he was “very public” and everyone knew where to find him. The statement was made during a press conference that was focused on the next phase of the city’s transportation department in its “war on rats.” The mayor pointed out that if he were going to meet with President Biden, it would be done in his public time, and as his public schedule is always released, reporters would know about it.

He added that President Biden was visiting New York City. He hoped that he would understand how the city, which is the country’s “economic engine,” has had to spend $2 billion already and that they would need to spend $12 billion within the next two budgetary cycles due to the immigration crisis. He added that this was not something the city or asylum seekers deserved.

When asked whether he would meet Biden, the Mayor stated that during the President’s visit, he should consider that New York City “has done its part.” Adams further stated that earlier this year, he had shared their concerns about the immigration crisis with the President.

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