Republican Governor Completely Flips On Gun Rights

Photo by Toxic Player on Unsplash

( – Last week, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee called for a legislative session that would deal with gun reforms which has led to Lee gathering support from many unlikely allies.

Both Democrats and gun control groups have praised Lee for his decision to hold a legislative session. Weeks before his announcement, there had been a mass school shooting at  The Covenant School in Nashville which killed six people, including three 9-year-old children.

While the Republican governor has called for gun reforms, other Republicans in the state do not appear willing to consider possible changes even following the shooting. Lee’s pleas to his conservative Legislature to have them take action have also proved to be quite ineffective.

Republicans have widely remained unmoving on the topic of gun control, however, the increase in mass shootings in the past year has led to even those in conservative states often calling for action. This tense environment is what has now resulted in this unlikely group of support.

Raumesh Akbari, the Democratic minority leader of the Tennessee state Senate, in an interview, stated that this was beginning to feel like they were on the same team. She added that it was great to see Lee break away from the Republican party and be willing to consider gun safety laws following the shooting at Covenant.

However, gun rights groups have also slammed the governor dubbing him “lousy Lee” and have threatened that if he proceeds with his efforts they would be putting his political future in peril. However, Lee is already going to be facing his term limit soon.

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