Hero Loses His Life After Saving 2 Children

Photo by Y S on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – The office of the Bucks County Coroner confirmed the drowning death of 37-year-old Marvin Alexan Fernandez Chicas at a state park in Pennsylvania on Thursday evening. Chicas perished after a heroic effort to save two children he saw in danger at Tohickon Creek in Nockamixon State Park around 5 p.m.

Reports suggest that Chicas dove into the water to assist the struggling children and make it back to safety. However, tragically, he was not successful and lost his life to drowning.

Harry Grim, the Fire Chief of Haycock Township, as cited in a WFMZ news piece, dispatched roughly ten divers in a search for Chicas. His body was located and retrieved about two hours after the incident.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has declared Tohickon Creek and Lake Nockamixon, Bucks County’s largest lake spanning approximately 1,450 acres, off-limits to the public. Despite this, many individuals need to pay more attention to the prohibition, often mistakenly venturing into deeper sections of the water bodies, leading to fatal accidents.

Grim stated that swimmers often underestimate the depth of these creeks and lakes. He emphasized the seriousness of this issue, warning that even seemingly shallow areas can be pretty deep. He also urged the public to avoid swimming in Lake Nockamixon, particularly during this time of year, citing the lake’s lack of visibility. He added that even at a depth of 10 feet, divers could not see their hands in front of them.

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