Trump Erupts Over His Bogus Legal Cases

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former President Trump used a break from his New York trial to speak at a rally in Freeland, Michigan, where he vehemently dismissed the criminal cases against him as “nonsense.” At this event, one of his first campaign stops since the trial commenced, Trump criticized the legal proceedings and judges involved in his New York cases, which he characterized as attacks intended to rally his base for the upcoming November elections.

Trump asserted to his supporters, “Every one of these sham cases is nonsense. Each one. Terrible.” He accused a “Marxist district attorney” of acting under orders from the Biden administration, despite no evidence indicating White House involvement in his charges. Trump is facing a trial in New York over allegations that he falsified business records tied to a 2016 campaign-related hush money scheme.

Despite the ongoing trial, Trump claimed that these legal troubles have not damaged his popularity, citing polls showing him leading Biden in key battleground states, including Michigan by four points.

He framed the indictments as broader assaults on American constitutional rights, predicting that the ultimate judgment on his cases would be delivered at the ballot box, not in court.

Trump also criticized several judges, including Juan Merchan and Arthur Engoron, involved in different aspects of his legal battles, accusing them of bias and corruption. Additionally, he briefly mentioned the defamation case against him by E. Jean Carroll, which resulted in a substantial financial judgment.

During the rally, Trump outlined his plans for a potential second term, emphasizing immigration control, tax policy continuation, and state-level management of abortion, positioning these issues as central to his campaign. He stressed the importance of the upcoming election, calling it a pivotal moment for the country.

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