Major U.S. University Gets Raided

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, New York City Police marched onto the campus of Columbia University as they tried to evict the protesters who had barricaded themselves inside one of the university buildings. 

The AFP journalists reported that the police could be seen climbing to Hamilton Hall’s second story from a truck. The Columbia Spectator, a student newspaper, noted that there had been arrests made.

Pro-Palestinian students who are protesting the war had barricaded Hamilton Hall at dawn and had vowed that they would be fighting any eviction. The students are protesting the rising death toll in Gaza caused by the Israeli war against Hamas. 

University administrators across the country have been struggling with dealing with the Palestinian demonstrations that have broken out across different university campuses. The demonstrations are the longest unrest on college campuses since the protests in the 1960s and 70s over the Vietnam War. Since the start of the protests, hundreds of students have been arrested. 

Despite the threats of expulsion and the suspensions faced by many students, the protesting students have argued that they would continue on their course of action. One protester argued that they would continue with their efforts and that they were learning from the people in Gaza who were holding their ground despite facing significantly worse conditions. The student refused to give her name to the reporters. 

While giving her statement, protesters could be seen using ropes in order to bring supplies into the second floor of the building, indicating that the students intended to hunker down.

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