Biden Wants To Fix The Border Now

Photo by Humberto Chávez on Unsplash

( – President Biden has committed to taking decisive action to close the border should it become excessively burdened, contingent upon the enactment of a bipartisan border security legislation.

In a recent statement, Biden articulated, “To be clear, the agreement under negotiation, if transformed into law, would represent the most stringent and equitable border security reforms ever implemented in the nation. It would bestow upon me, as the President, unprecedented emergency powers to close the border in the event of it being overrun. Should I be granted such powers, I intend to exercise them immediately upon the legislation’s signing.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) expressed skepticism regarding the proposed deal, indicating in a communication to fellow lawmakers that any legislation combining border security with support for Ukraine would be unlikely to pass in the House, based on the terms being discussed.

Johnson’s message to his colleagues highlighted, “I wish to update you on the ongoing discussions concerning supplemental funding and border issues, as the Senate seems to be at an impasse. If the speculated details of the draft agreement hold true, it would have faced immediate rejection in the House.”

In the backdrop of these political discussions, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported an unprecedented 302,034 encounters at the southern border in December.

Troy A. Miller, a high-ranking CBP official, emphasized the agency’s commitment to the safety and security of both its personnel and migrants, who are often exploited by international criminal syndicates. Miller reiterated the necessity for enhanced congressional support to enable the agency and its federal counterparts to enforce the law more effectively against those circumventing legal entry routes.

Meanwhile, former President Trump has actively sought to derail the proposed border agreement, aiming to thwart President Biden’s chances of legislative success.

Trump conveyed his opposition via a post on Truth Social, stating, “I believe we should not pursue a Border Deal unless it encompasses all necessary measures to halt the influx of countless individuals, many of unknown origin, into our country, which was once great and is on the path to greatness once more.”

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