What Police In Democrat Cities Are Doing About Illegals

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – In the first quarter of 2024, police in a city governed by Democrats have arrested over 1,000 Venezuelan individuals, sparking significant controversy over additional funding allocated for migrant support services.

An analysis of local crime and arrest records, these arrests include 609 for traffic-related offenses, nine for violent felonies, 75 for violent misdemeanors, and 313 for other non-violent crimes. An additional nine arrests were categorized as unknown or unspecified. This data pertains only to adult arrests made by the Chicago Police Department and excludes minors and arrests made by other agencies. The records do not detail the Venezuelans’ arrival times or immigration statuses. However, the analysis indicates that Venezuelans are comparatively less involved in violent crimes, including homicides.

This surge in arrests coincides with rising local frustration over the growing number of migrants and the municipal government’s response. The Chicago City Council recently passed a resolution, by a vote of 30-18, to allocate an extra $70 million to address the migrant crisis. This funding is in addition to the already earmarked $150 million for migrant services in the city’s budget. Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office noted that at one point, the city was accommodating over 2,000 new migrants weekly, with nearly 40,000 migrants arriving since August 2022.

The additional funds are intended to prepare for any potential increases in arrivals, particularly those directed to the city by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott has been transporting migrants to several sanctuary cities, arguing that these cities should help shoulder the national migrant crisis burden due to their sanctuary policies.

The financial strain and social impact of the ongoing migrant crisis, now in its fourth year, have led to over 2.4 million migrant encounters at the U.S. southern border in the last fiscal year alone. The ripple effects are being felt in cities nationwide, leading to significant political and social repercussions.

The decision to increase funding was met with considerable opposition from local residents at the Chicago council meeting. Critics argued that these funds should focus more on local community needs rather than external migrant support. Activist P Rae Easley expressed concerns to Fox News Digital about the continuous financial commitments to migrants, warning of potential bankruptcy for the city if the spending trend continues unabated.

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