Democrats Attempt To Force Town Into Submission

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

( – Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark from Huntington Beach argued that the Sacramento lawsuit against her city was “government overreach” as the voters had agreed in a vote that more voter ID verifications were needed. 

The legal dispute between the conservative city and the liberal state authorities relates to the new voter ID law which had been passed with over 50 percent of the city’s voters. 

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Van Der Mark argued that this latest lawsuit brought forward was just another attempt to target the conservative values in her city. 

On Thursday during an interview, she argued that she was a person of color who had been raised in a Los Angeles low-income community. Despite this, she argued everyone had IDs and that the thing that she found most frustrating was that there were people stating that people like her were incapable of getting an ID. She added that this was an “insulting” statement and that this case was “government overreach.” 

Last week a lawsuit was brought forward by California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber and California Attorney General Rob Bonta against Huntington Beach against the voter ID law. 

The voter ID law, or Measure A, would amend the charter in the city regarding voting and would make voter IDs a requirement before 2026. Another requirement was also passed which required additional in-person voting locations to be established.

Van Der Mark who had first won her office in 2023 argued that what they were telling them was that it was okay and that they did not require these security measures.

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