Brutal Stabbing Takes Place In America’s Busiest Airport

Photo by Marco López on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday afternoon, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) reported two people, one of whom was a police officer, who had been stabbed at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport security terminal. 

The police released a press release noting that the airport security had found a woman wielding a knife. The armed woman started walking through the south terminal and stabbed an adult male. 

Officers then located and attempted to restrain her, but she still managed to stab a lieutenant. Police also added that an officer had managed to tackle, disarm, and then arrest the woman. 

Both victims were taken to the local hospital while the female suspect was not injured during the incident and arrest. 

An airport spokesperson stated that the incident did not threaten the public and that operations were minimally affected. In footage captured during the incident, passengers could be seen crouching down. 

Border Belt Independent editor Sarah Nagem, who happened to be traveling from Atlanta on the day and time of the incident, shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, that passengers at the terminal had been given information about the situation, which had been referred to as “fluid” and domestic situation. 

The Police stated they were still investigating the incident to determine what led to it. 

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