Clinton, Biden and Obama Join Forces To Stop Trump

Pete Souza, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – President Joe Biden’s campaign team is in the midst of organizing an unprecedented fundraising event that they hope will not only generate significant funds and capture widespread media attention but also energize Democratic voters who have so far shown lukewarm enthusiasm for the party’s prospects in 2024. This initiative involves a collaboration that would see three Democratic leaders—Biden himself, along with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama—coming together for a spring fundraising event, as per discussions known to four insiders.

Efforts are currently underway to align the schedules of the three presidents, with the aim of setting a date for the fundraiser, possibly in March or April, according to two individuals privy to these plans.

This strategy reflects a broader consensus among Biden’s supporters that a united effort is essential for securing his reelection. It is part of a larger set of strategies the Democratic party and Biden’s campaign are deploying in anticipation of a highly consequential general election.

While the Biden campaign has not commented on these plans, representatives for Clinton and Obama have also refrained from making any statements.

The Biden campaign has recently shifted its focus to the general election, a move that came sooner than expected by many within the president’s team. This shift was catalyzed by former President Donald Trump’s recent primary wins, positioning him as a likely opponent for Biden in the upcoming election. As a result, the Biden campaign is intensifying its recruitment efforts, especially in key battleground states, and is honing its outreach to pivotal voter demographics. The campaign’s activities, including Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent engagements with Black and Latino voters respectively, underscore this targeted approach.

Moreover, Biden’s travel schedule is set to become even more intensive, with plans for the president to spend at least two days a week on the road.

In addition to these efforts, the Biden campaign is preparing to launch a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign that aims to highlight the contrasts between Biden and Trump, potentially coinciding with Biden’s State of the Union address in early March.

The main objective of the proposed fundraiser, featuring Biden, Clinton, and Obama, is to amass a substantial sum of money through both large and small contributions. Beyond fundraising, the event is intended to galvanize the Democratic base, with a Biden adviser noting the unified commitment within the party to overcome Trump in the upcoming election.

Depending on the success of this initial fundraiser, there’s a possibility of organizing a second event later in the year.

While this show of solidarity among Democratic leaders could be seen as a powerful statement by the party, it might also evoke mixed reactions from certain voter segments, including moderate Republicans who supported Biden in 2020. Both Clinton and Obama have historically been polarizing figures among GOP circles, and Clinton has faced additional scrutiny within his own party over past allegations of sexual misconduct.

Despite these potential challenges, Clinton and Obama remain influential and popular figures within the Democratic Party, enjoying higher approval ratings than Biden in some quarters. However, Biden’s current approval ratings, compared to those of Clinton and Obama at similar points in their presidencies, underscore the hurdles he faces as he seeks reelection. Yet, Biden’s team is optimistic, pointing to recent positive economic indicators and a strategic shift in how the president communicates his economic policies to the American public as reasons for potential improvement in his approval ratings.

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