Grocery Store Goes To Extreme Length To Prevent Theft

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

( – A Safeway store in Vallejo, part of the San Francisco Bay Area, has implemented metal emergency gates to address widespread shoplifting. This measure was accompanied by the complete closure of one of the store’s entrances. KPIX, a news outlet, reported on this development and shared a photo on Twitter, showing the installed safeguard that triggers an alarm when a shoplifter tries to exit the store. In recent years, Albertsons Companies, the owner of Safeway, has taken similar actions at its other San Francisco locations to combat shoplifting.

The Bay Area has experienced a 10.4 percent rise in crime since last year, including an upsurge in smash-and-grab robberies where thieves armed with bats and weapons steal high-value products from upscale stores. A spokesperson from Safeway, speaking to FOX Business, disclosed that the installation of the gates was part of a pre-existing plan for enhancing store security. Like other local businesses, Safeway is grappling with the challenge of addressing the theft surge while ensuring the safety of its employees. The spokesperson emphasized that these security improvements aim to achieve these objectives and create a better working and shopping environment for all.

In a separate incident last autumn, the police chief of San Francisco, along with Mayor London Breed, who belongs to the Democratic Party, announced an increase in police presence to address the rising incidents of shoplifting in the area. The thefts have had a detrimental impact on various stores, leading to closures, including Walgreens.


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