Israel-Palestine Conflict Raises Tension In The U.S.

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

( – As the fight between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East has intensified following a coordinated attack launched by Hamas, a terror group, against Israel, the rest of the world has also been divided over who is at fault for the incident.

According to reports, Israel’s intelligence and defense forces had not expected the attack launched on Saturday with Hamas firing rockets into Israel. Simultaneously, dozens of their fighters entered the border near Gaza into the country and kidnapped and murdered hundreds of Israelis.

A military analyst from America stated that the Hamas attack was comparable to 9/11 regarding how many people have lost their lives or been injured and the scale of the attack. After the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the country was currently at “war” and they were not on an operation or escalation.

Israel launched several air strikes against Gaza in retaliation for the attack. The number of dead in Gaza has reached more than 400; in Israel, over 700 people have lost their lives.

In New York City, supporters of Israel and Palestine clashed on Sunday. Footage from the demonstration shows the altercations between the two support groups, which New York Police officers were separating.

The pro-Israel side chanted “Shame on You” as the pro=Palestine crowd approached them. Over 1,000 Palestine supporters gathered for the pro-Palestine rally, which the city had endorsed.

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