Manchin Reveals Why Border Bill Isn’t Passing

Ava Lowery from USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia, a member of the Democratic Party, recently called on his colleagues in the Senate, particularly those Republicans who opposed the advancement of a critical bipartisan border security agreement, to prioritize national interests over personal or political gains. This plea was made during a televised interview on CNN’s program “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” where Manchin expressed his frustration with the political maneuvering that led to the failure of the motion to proceed with a border security package. Despite extensive negotiations and the support of President Biden, the motion was narrowly defeated in a 49-50 vote, with only a few Republicans breaking ranks to support the initiative.

The bill in question was not just about border security; it was also part of a broader legislative effort to provide emergency foreign aid, notably to Ukraine and Israel for their military engagements, and to address security concerns in the Indo-Pacific region. The insistence by Senate Republicans to tie aid for Ukraine to border security measures underscored the complex political dynamics at play.

Manchin lauded the efforts of Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, one of the chief negotiators of the deal, for his genuine conservative values and commitment to reaching a consensus. However, the bill’s failure deeply disappointed Manchin, reinforcing his decision not to seek reelection. He lamented the persistent political posturing in Washington, suggesting that the solution to such gridlock lies outside the capital.

The discussion also touched upon former President Trump’s influence, with speculations that he might have preferred the border deal to fail for potential political leverage against President Biden in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. This perspective was hinted at by Senator Mitt Romney in previous comments.

The opposition wasn’t limited to Republicans; several Democratic senators also voted against the bill, including notable figures such as Ed Markey, Bob Menendez, Alex Padilla, and Elizabeth Warren. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders also opposed the measure, citing humanitarian concerns related to Israel’s military actions in Gaza, which have led to significant Palestinian casualties. The aid package in question would have allocated substantial funds to Israel amidst its ongoing conflict with Hamas, the ruling entity in Gaza since 2007 and designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.

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