Supreme Court Prepares For Massive Battle

Photo by Adam Szuscik on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, the Supreme Court is set to convene in order to decide whether the Biden administration has the right to forgive billions of dollars in federal student loan debts. If the program is allowed to proceed thousands of borrowers could see their student loan debts forgiven.

More than 100 people were outside the courthouse on Monday, while reports want more groups to join outside the court during the deliberations. Student loan forgiveness was one of the major campaigns promises that the President made in 2020 and whether the program is allowed to proceed will depend on the justices’ decision.

University sophomore Kayla McMonagle, a first-generation college student already $20,000 in debt, was outside the court equipped with sleeping bags and emergency blankets. This allowed her to be one of the first in line for Tuesday’s oral arguments on the two lawsuits brought forth against Biden’s program.

McMonagle, a political science major has stated that a lot of people believe that this generation is unmotivated “always on our phones, always in our heads.” She added that this issue extends beyond their generation and that it would have an effect on their children’s generation and “generations to come.”

Currently, the crowd outside the court is expected to reach 3,000 and it will include Congress members, borrowers, and activists. While the oral arguments are going to be heard this week, decisions will not be reached for a few more months.


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