Major U.S. Tragedy Hits Its 25th Anniversary

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

( – The Columbine Memorial Wall of Healing has an inscription that reads “It brought the nation to its knees,” and continues to question how the nation has moved on and what they have learned. 

The incident in question refers to the Colorado Columbine High School shooting when two students walked into the school on April 20, 1999, and killed one teacher and 12 students. Apart from the dead, there were also more than 20 people who had been injured during the shooting. 

While the incident had taken place a quarter of a century ago, the memory of the 12 students, ranging from age 14 to 18, and the teacher William ‘Dave’ Sanders,47, continued to be strong. On Friday night near the Colorado State Capitol, there was a vigil in honor of the 13 victims. 

During the vigil, small candles had been flickering on 13 empty chairs, while each of the student’s biographies had been read out loud. Following this, each of the attendees, which included former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who had almost lost his life in a mass shooting in 2011, had replied: “Never forgotten.” 

Coni Sanders, the daughter of the one teacher who lost his life during the incident, argued that her father had changed the world by saving the lives of so many students. As she pointed out some of the students he saved had now started their own families, and there would be generations of people who continued to be alive because of the bravery he had exhibited. 

The gathering had been organized by advocates, including a gun safety group.

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