U.S. Officials Issue Stern Final Warning To Iran

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – On Sunday, the United Nations’ U.S. Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood had strongly condemned the attack against Israel by Iran and had warned that the country needed to be held responsible for its actions so as to avoid any further occurrences against Israel, the United States, or any of their allies. 

During his remarks at the U.N. Security Council briefing, Woods argued that Iran would be held responsible if itself or any of its proxies took action against the United States. He added that while the U.S. would not be seeking escalation, their actions were completely “defensive in nature.”

Wood in his remarks also blamed Iran, arguing that it was the country’s intent to cause “damage and death in Israel.” He added that the reckless actions taken by the country were not just a threat to Israel but also to other U.N. member states in the Middle East, such as Iraq and Jordan. He continued by noting that the Security Council was obliged to ensure that the actions taken by Iran would not be unanswered. 

He argued that in the next few days, the United States would be considering all of the possible response options after the attack, and he even pushed for the Security Council to condemn the aggressive actions by Iran. He also called for Iran and its proxies to “cease their attacks.” 

These latest remarks came after Saturday’s attack on Israel. Iran launched around 350 drones and missiles against Israel, the majority of which had been intercepted by Israel and its allied forces including the United States. The U.S. has reiterated that it continues to support Israel and has condemned the attacks against the country. 

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