Bill Barr Makes Jaw-Dropping Confession

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Saturday, during an appearance on “Cavuto Live” former Attorney General Bill Barr argued that former President Donald Trump was not the actual threat to the United States and that the threat was the “far left.” 

While discussing with anchor Neil Cavuto about the challenges that a possible second Trump administration could face, Barr stated that Trump’s priority was going to be finding people who would be “subservient to him.” He added that this is concerning, but also claimed that during his time in the administration, he had considered the policies of former President Donald Trump to be good. He continued by saying that his problems related to Trump’s behavior which he had considered to be “troubling” following the election.

Barr also stated that the U.S. democracy was not facing a threat from Trump who might want to take over like a “right-wing dictator” but rather the threat was from the “far left” who as he argued were pushing for a “socialist system.” He continued by stating that they were a “heavy-handed bunch of thugs” he considered the real threat. 

These latest comments come after Barr had previously criticized his former boss, who is presumed to be the 2024 GOP presidential nominee. He had also claimed previously that if President Biden serves another term it would result in the worst possible outcome for the country, even referring to it as “national suicide.” 

Barr was also asked about whether or not Trump would surround himself with “sycophants” who could help keep him in check, to which he responded that the former president’s vice presidential pick would be a strong indication of the type of people he would choose for his administration. 

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