CNN Warns Of Civil Unrest Across America

Photo by AJ Colores on Unsplash

( – CNN analyst Mark Preston expressed concerns on CNN with Jim Acosta and other panelists that imprisoning former President Trump, even briefly, for defying a gag order in his hush money trial could spark civil unrest nationwide and possibly boost his poll numbers.

During the discussion, Preston highlighted the potential repercussions of Judge Juan Merchan detaining Trump for a few hours as a response to his repeated violations of a gag order. This order prohibits Trump from publicly criticizing witnesses, prosecutors, court staff, jurors, and the judge’s family. Preston noted, “Firstly, I think we would likely see civil unrest in various cities. Secondly, from a political standpoint, if I were advising the Biden campaign, I wouldn’t want him incarcerated as it could further energize his base.”

The conversation also touched on how Trump has been leveraging his legal issues politically. For example, his mug shot from the Fulton County Jail in Georgia, related to charges of election interference, has been used as a symbol of defiance.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office recently proposed fining Trump $1,000 for each of his provocative social media posts regarding his criminal trial. This trial is historic as it involves a former president. Assistant District Attorney Chris Conroy emphasized the seriousness of the gag order breaches, suggesting the fines and reminding that jail time could be a consequence.

Judge Merchan scheduled a hearing for April 23 to discuss these sanctions further.

Trump, upon arriving at court, criticized the gag order, arguing that it infringed on his constitutional rights. “People can talk about me, yet I’m under a gag order, showing the extent of the unfairness,” he claimed. Despite the order, Trump has continued to speak to the media daily during the trial.

The jury selection process has been challenging, with nearly 100 potential jurors dismissed for bias, leaving 12 jurors and one alternate to proceed in a trial closely watched due to its implications for the presumed GOP presidential candidate.

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