Supreme Court Under Massive Scrutiny

Photo by Adam Szuscik on Unsplash

( – Michael Luttig, ex-federal judge, who served previously as an unofficial adviser to former VP Pence, presented a printed testimony obtained by Politico.

The testimony sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee before the Supreme Court ethics hearing on Tuesday, notes that the Supreme Court should have to follow the strictest ethical standards. He added that while Congress is in a position where they could decide on the ethical rules and standards that the Court has to offer, they still should not have to do so.

Luttig further stated that the Supreme Court should want to set the highest example of how it should “conduct itself in its nonjudicial activities.”

A ProPublica report last month showed that Justice Thomas had for over two decades failed to disclose several lavish gifts and trips that he had received from Harlan Crow, a Republican donor. This led many Democrats and critics to call for the Senate to revise the court’s ethical standards.

Luttig did not make any remarks targeting Thomas, but he did note that justices should always conduct themselves with the highest ethical conduct both publicly and in private.

Laurence Tribe, a law professor at Harvard, in his own testimony, which was also released by Politico, noted that Congress does have the power to choose the ethical standards that the court will need to enact. He added that Congress should not feel “intimidated by the power and prestige of the justices” who have the right to make the final decisions on many key issues in the nation.

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