Trump Attorney Ditches Major Testimony

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of Donald Trump, has delayed his testimony in the New York civil fraud trial against Trump due to medical reasons. Cohen was originally expected to appear in court next week; however, according to a Daily Beast report, his testimony has now been delayed.

It is unclear when Cohen is anticipated to take the stand, but the trial will continue for months. Late last month, a New York judge determined that former President Trump and his business had defrauded insurers and banks by inflating and deflating certain assets’ value to receive more premium deals. As a result of this decision, many of Trump’s business licenses would also be stripped.

Cohen is considered one of the case’s key witnesses, and he has previously claimed that every action taken by the Trump Organization had been at the direction of Donald Trump and that this case would most likely be the end of the real estate empire built by Trump.

Cohen had previously served as the Trump Organization’s vice President. In 2019, he testified that Trump artificially inflated his wealth. Cohen was scheduled to testify in the New York case on Tuesday and would be present for questioning in the following days.

In September, he had stated that he was concerned for his safety if he testified in court due to the online attacks he had received from supporters of the former President. He previously argued that he does not need to put his life on the line because the court is not controlling Trump. He added that had it not been for the subpoena, he would consider not attending the trial.

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