Trump Considers Deploying The National Guard

Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash

( – In a recent announcement, the former President called upon states willing to assist to send their National Guard troops to Texas, highlighting the ongoing tension between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the federal authorities over the dismantling of barbed wire barriers along the border between the United States and Mexico.

The former President emphasized the critical nature of the situation, describing it as a crisis affecting national security, public safety, and health. He supported Texas’ decision to invoke the Constitution’s Invasion Clause, advocating for comprehensive backing to counter what he termed an invasion.

He further urged states that are prepared to help to dispatch their National Guard units to Texas to block unauthorized entries and to facilitate the return of individuals across the border. He called for nationwide support for Texas’ practical steps aimed at safeguarding the state’s and the nation’s safety, security, and sovereignty.

This appeal came after the Texas National Guard continued to erect barriers along the border, seemingly disregarding a Supreme Court ruling that authorized the removal of such barriers. Governor Abbott defended this action, expressing dissatisfaction with the current administration’s approach to immigration enforcement.

Governor Abbott has leveraged the constitutional right of a state to protect itself in light of the increasing number of migrants at the southern border. The former President’s statement aligns with the support from Republican governors across various states for Abbott’s resistance to the federal decision on border barriers.

The former President also outlined his plans if re-elected, promising to collaborate closely with Governor Abbott and other border states from day one to halt what he calls an invasion, secure the border, and initiate an unprecedented domestic deportation campaign. He criticized the current administration for exacerbating the migrant influx and hampering Texas’ efforts to manage the situation.

The debate over Texas’ authority to override federal directives has led some Democrats to suggest that the President federalize the Texas National Guard to ensure compliance with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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