U.S. Postal Service Gets Shut Down For Insane Reason

Photo by Joel Moysuh on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – The United States Postal Service has resulted in pausing all deliveries to a Seattle ZIP code this month because of the levels of mail theft. The ZIP code 98118 is going to resume receiving deliveries on Tuesday, following the delivery being paused for “less than 900” residents. The Seattle Times report pointed out that those in that ZIP code had been informed that they should pick up their mail from the local post office as the delivery service had been paused.

KING 5 reported that a sign on a mail container near the neighborhood stated that because of the levels of mail theft and vandalism, all mail for the area was going to be held at the office until all the master locks could be replaced. They further noted that they did not know the exact date of the replacement.

Residents told the outlet that they had not received any alert about service being paused and that they only realized service was halted after talking with neighbors and seeing posts on Facebook about it. Apartment building management had also informed residents that the master key used by the Postal service to open collection boxes, outdoor parcel lockers, and cluster box units had been stolen.

Kim Frum, a Postal Service spokesperson revealed to Fox News Digital that the reason for the mail delivery halt was because of equipment security concerns. She added that improvements to secure the relevant equipment had been made and all mail was delivered to those residents impacted by the pause.

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