VIDEO: Fathers Team Up To Beat Man

Photo by on Unsplash

( – A video was recently posted online depicting a naked man who was in a JCPenney store. The Police Department in the small Seattle town has now provided more information regarding the context in which the video was taken. 

The Tukwila Police Department noted on a Facebook post that the individual featured in the video was experiencing a mental crisis and needed serious medical attention, so he was taken to the hospital after the video ended. 

The Daily Mail reported that the video occurred on October 1, when a man started following a different man who was only wearing socks. The person recording the incident tried to explain to the naked man that this was a kid’s department. 

A second man and another person started to follow the named man shortly after, resulting in a chase. The person who was recording the exchange tried following them. 

While trying to escape, the naked man grabbed a pair of pants he attempted to wear. However, other men soon surrounded the naked man, and a fight broke out. The bystanders only stopped after someone shouted, “Enough.”

It has been alleged that the man attempted to touch two children in the store. However, the police have stated that thus far, there is no evidence to suggest that. The man in question was arrested and has been charged with misdemeanor assault. 


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