Biden Ignores Wall Street While Trump Profits

Photo by lo lo on Unsplash

( – Former President Trump is staking a claim to the recent stock market successes during President Biden’s tenure, linking his own political prospects to Wall Street’s fortunes. Trump attributes the market’s record highs to the anticipation of his potential victory in a future 2024 electoral match-up against Biden, despite the common analysis that the market’s buoyancy is more likely due to expectations of Federal Reserve policy changes and economic resilience.

Contrastingly, President Biden, while actively promoting his economic policies, has deliberately steered clear of highlighting the stock market’s performance, likely due to the inherent political risks associated with such a focus. The recent peaks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 index have not featured prominently in Biden’s economic narrative.

This approach aligns with advice from economic experts like Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, a former Commerce Department chief economist, who advocate for a broader economic message that resonates more directly with the American populace. Hughes-Cromwick praises the administration’s focus on fundamental economic strengths that underpin stock market gains rather than the fluctuating market indices themselves.

The Biden campaign emphasizes that the President’s economic strategy is rooted in tangible benefits for the average American, such as job creation, reduced gas prices, and wage growth, rather than the less universally relevant stock market metrics. This stance is presented as a stark contrast to Trump’s focus, which the Biden camp criticizes as being skewed towards the interests of wealthy corporate entities.

As both Biden and Trump gear up for a potential electoral rematch, they are leveraging the narrative of the U.S. economy’s performance to their advantage, each highlighting different facets of economic recovery and challenges. While Trump continues to link his political narrative to stock market achievements, Biden’s team is focusing on broader economic indicators and policies that they argue have a more direct impact on the majority of Americans.

Economists and policy experts seem to support Biden’s approach, noting that the stock market does not fully encapsulate the economic reality of most Americans, with a significant portion of stocks owned by a small, wealthy segment of the population. They argue that metrics like wage growth and unemployment rates are more indicative of the country’s economic health for the average citizen.

Public opinion appears to align with this perspective, with recent polls indicating that the stock market’s performance is not a primary concern for most Americans when assessing the economy’s overall health.

Despite Trump’s continued emphasis on the stock market as a barometer of economic success, the Biden campaign has chosen to focus on broader economic achievements and plans, subtly critiquing Trump’s narrow focus on stock market performance as disconnected from the real economic experiences of most Americans.

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