Biden Invokes God Into Abortion Debate

Photo by Alicia Quan on Unsplash

( – During an event in Florida, President Joe Biden displayed a controversial gesture by making the sign of the cross while listening to remarks from Nikki Fried, the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party and former Democratic gubernatorial nominee, who criticized a new law limiting abortion access. Fried lambasted the legislation, which curtails abortion to within six weeks of pregnancy, intensifying her disapproval in the context of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential ambitions and previous legislation restricting abortion to 15 weeks.

As Fried expressed her frustration, saying “15 weeks wasn’t good enough,” President Biden, who is known for his Catholic faith, made the sign of the cross, an action typically associated with prayer and reverence in Catholicism. This gesture, however, was interpreted by many as mockery towards Gov. DeSantis’s stricter abortion measures.

The president’s action drew sharp criticism from various Catholic and pro-life groups, who viewed it as an inappropriate use of a sacred symbol, especially in the context of supporting abortion rights, which the Catholic Church opposes. Kristan Hawkins, the founder of Students for Life of America, and Brian Burch, President of CatholicVote, both condemned Biden’s actions as disrespectful and contrary to Christian teachings on the sanctity of life.

The incident underscored a broader skepticism about Biden’s adherence to his Catholic faith, as highlighted by a recent Pew Research poll. This survey revealed that only a small fraction of Americans perceive Biden as “very religious,” with many questioning the authenticity of his religious convictions, especially in light of his stance on issues like abortion that conflict with traditional Catholic doctrines.

This ongoing controversy reflects the complex relationship between Biden’s public policy positions, his personal faith, and the expectations of religious voters in the United States.

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