Democrat Forced To Resign Over Misconduct

Photo by Rebecca Lawrence on Unsplash

( – Arizona state representative Jevin Hodge (D) took to X, formerly known as Twitter to announce that he would be resigning from his position following the recent news report dealing with how he had been sanctioned for misconduct during his time in college, nine years ago. 

Hodge noted in a statement that every day he was taking responsibility for his actions and that he apologized for all the pain that his actions may have caused. He added that as a leader he needed to have higher demands from himself. 

The 30-year-old representative has denied the allegations despite his resignation and statement and argued that being in public service also means knowing when it is necessary to step aside and when it is needed to lead. Before his resignation, he had served in the Arizona House for less than two months, as he was appointed to fill the state’s 8th District seat in January after it was vacated. The Arizona Republic had released the report one day before his resignation, after the woman who had made the allegations reached out to the outlet. 

As she claimed in October 2005 while Hodge was a student at George Washington University, she had repeatedly rejected the advances he had made. She later went on to file a complaint at the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at the university where it was determined that Hodge had committed sexual misconduct and violence. 

On Monday Hodge had claimed that he had a “consensual romantic encounter” at the time while both of them were students. 

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