DeSantis’ Wife Accused Of Urging Voter Fraud

Government of Florida, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Friday, Casey DeSantis, the wife of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, had called for out-of-state moms to “descend” on the Iowa caucus. Her remarks led to many people arguing that she was pushing for voter fraud.

DeSantis is currently running for the White House. Casey DeSantis has remained at the forefront throughout her husband’s presidential campaign and is even included on the governor’s campaign page. Her page on the campaign website includes information about her background and education, as well as a lot of details relating to her initiatives as a Florida first lady. However, Casey DeSantis has also received a lot of backlash, much like her husband, over his stance on “culture wars” and his anti-LGBTQ+ opinions.

During the interview she gave on Friday, Casey DeSantis pushed for her husband’s supporters to move to Iowa to qualify to vote in that election. As part of her statement, she pointed out that people were not required to be Iowa residents in order to be allowed to vote.

She proceeded to call for all mothers and grandmothers to descend to Iowa and participate in the caucus so that their voices could be heard as they supported her husband’s presidential campaign.

In a later post on X, formerly known as Twitter, DeSantis clarified that she was calling for volunteers and for people to join Iowa as volunteers in support of DeSantis.

Following this statement, the Iowa GOP also pointed out that being a legal resident of Iowa is a requirement for participating in the caucus which is scheduled on January 15.

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