Major Election Could Soon Change Everything

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election will take place. The election could potentially change the partisan inclination of the court which could affect future decisions on key issues like abortion access and redistricting.

Voters are joined to have to decide between four judicial candidates who are all vying for one open seat in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The court is currently split 4-3 with a conservative tilt, but with conservative Justice Patience Roggensack retiring, the winner of the election could change the partisan tilt in the court.

Out of the four candidates, two are liberals and two are conservatives. The two who won the most votes in Tuesday’s primary will have the chance to move on to the April 4 general election.

The two liberal candidates, Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz and Dane County Judge Everett Mitchell, and the two conservative candidates, Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow and former state Supreme Court Judge Daniel Kelly, are both trying to win the spot.

While the election is meant to be nonpartisan, the new state Supreme Court is going to have to make decisions on two partisan issues. They will have to make a decision on a lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) in which he contested the 1849 abortion law, which provides an exemption in cases where the pregnancy is risking the mother’s life. The lawsuit claims that this law is in conflict with different exemptions to abortion law.

It is also speculated that the legislative map might end up being revisited in a lawsuit if the partisan tilt of the Supreme Court changes.


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