Trump Condemns Electric Vehicles As Biden Promotes Them

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump has increased his attacks on electric vehicles (EVs) during his 2024 presidential campaign, despite the fact that it is expected that EV manufacturing investments could benefit a number of key swing states. 

The former President made national headlines over the weekend as he claimed that the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles was going to result in a “blood bath” in the automotive industry. A lot of the national coverage received by Trump is specifically related to the phrasing used by Trump as well as his campaign’s insistence that the term was just used figuratively. Still, his comments are part of a general rhetoric used by Trump against EVs. 

In Michigan, Trump has frequently made attacks on EVs. The state is a big player in the automotive industry and the former president has often tried to get autoworkers on his side as many are worried that the rise of EVs could potentially end up costing them their jobs. 

Last year Trump made a false claim about how EVs were going to eliminate 40 percent of jobs in the auto industry. This claim was the result of Ford previously stating that an EV required 40 percent less labor during the manufacturing process. 

Trump has also talked about reliability and argued that gas-powered cars can go longer distances while electric cars need to be charged after 15 minutes of being driven. 

GOP political consultant Mike Murphy has criticized Trump and argued against the politicizing of electric vehicles. He has also argued that the GOP has been polarized against EVs. 

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