Democrats Want To “Criminalize” Whatever They Deem “Misinformation”

Democrats Want To "Criminalize" Whatever They Deem "Misinformation"

( – In the wake of President Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016, Democrats repeatedly stated Russia was a threat to America’s electoral system and democracy. In the last several years, they no longer talk about foreign interference. Instead, their narrative focuses on so-called MAGA Republicans who supposedly threaten democracy. On Monday, December 26, The New York Times reported that Democrats want to criminalize whatever they deem to be election “misinformation.”

Democrats have alleged that misinformation occurs when someone expresses concern about illegal ballot harvesting or issues related to mail-in voting without legitimate factual evidence to back claims of foul play. In August 2022, The Democratic-led House Oversight Committee alleged lies told by “bad actors” to persuade voters the election system is “fraudulent, corrupt, or insecure” systemically erodes faith in the democratic system of voting. To combat the effect, the committee supported providing “accurate information” at every level of government.

The House committee recommended that the president designate a federal agency or office to lead efforts to combat whatever they subjectively define as misinformation, as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) did after the 2020 election, battling rumors about election software and hardware with fact-based information. The committee also proposed the creation of guidelines to show state and local officials how to use federal laws to protect election officials from violent threats.

According to The New York Times article, Democrats in some states are preparing to go on the offensive. In addition to proposals to criminalize misinformation, they plan to create automatic voter registration systems, preregister teens to vote, and allow felons released from prison to cast ballots.

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