Signs Your Eyes Were Damaged By The Solar Eclipse

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

( – For the past few weeks, experts have warned people against looking at the solar eclipse if they do not have the necessary safety gear. Looking at the sun without having access to certified viewing glasses could cause people permanent eye damage. 

American Academy of Ophthalmology Dr. Russell Van Gelder explained that it was possible for someone’s eye lenses to concentrate so strongly on the sun rays that it could cause them to immediately burn. He added that this is the same effect that could occur in the retina and would lead to a “hole” in one’s vision which could potentially be permanent. 

He pointed out that the only time when it was safe to witness the eclipse with the naked eye was when the sun was completely covered by the sun. 

People who fail to listen to the advice of experts might be suffering from solar retinopathy or solar eye damage. Solar eye damage symptoms could possibly include color distortion, sensitivity as well as blurriness of vision. Those who have directly looked at the sun may notice that there are temporary “flashers” in their vision. Their eyes could also potentially feel painful or sore. 

In some milder cases, people might notice a general sensitivity to light, headaches, and even watery eyes. Mild cases could take between one and six months to heal on their own. However, more serious cases could find that the damage is irreversible. Those who fear that their eyes might have been damaged should book an appointment with an ophthalmologist immediately. 

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