Democrats Caught In Massive Embezzlement Scheme

Photo by 金 运 on Unsplash

( – The Nevada Democratic-controlled legislature is embroiled in scandal after approving Assembly Bill 525 in June, which provided large amounts of money to private organizations and employers they are engaged with outside their legislative roles.

According to reports, many members of the legislature had deliberately omitted to disclose their connections to the organizations that the money was going to. Among those is Democrat Assemblywoman Michelle Gorelow. Only weeks after approving the bill, Arc of Nevada hired one of the non-profits set to receive $250,000 in taxpayer funds. Many accused her of unethical conduct following the revelation that the group hired her. Following the ethics complaint filed against her, she announced that she would not attempt to get re-elected.

Tracy Brown-May, who is on the board of directors of Arc of Nevada, also supported the bill and voted in its favor. She is also facing an ethics complaint relating to her conduct. Brown-May has reportedly been a member of the non-profit organization’s board since last year and had previously served as its treasurer for eight years.

Regarding Gorelow, she said she had yet to anticipate an ethics complaint being filed against someone who started a new job. She argued that she only worked for the organization voluntarily, so it would not have been included in her financial disclosure.

She pointed out that the bill in question would benefit the community, so it had passed with bi-partisan support, and the Republican Nevada Governor had also signed it.

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