Hunter Biden’s Lovechild May Soon Be Named “Biden”

Hunter Biden's Lovechild May Soon Be Named

( – In August 2018, Alexis Roberts gave birth to a little girl. In May 2019, Roberts filed a paternity suit to prove Hunter Biden was the father. In January 2020, Judge Holly Meyer declared a DNA test proved paternity “with near certainty.” Still, the Bidens, including President Joe Biden, refuses to acknowledge her. Yet, Hunter Biden pays child support as part of a settlement. Now, the mother is asking the court to allow her daughter to carry his name.

On Tuesday, December 27, 2022, the girl’s mother filed the petition with the 16th Circuit Court. The court reopened the case in September after Hunter filed a motion to adjust his child support payments substantially due to “financial circumstances.” Roberts’ attorney, Clinton Lancaster, said that the young girl would benefit from having her father’s last name. He noted it came with benefits due to its recognition and association with education, success, wealth, and political power.

Roberts’ attorney added that the child remains estranged from her dad and the family. Lancaster stated it was a form of misconduct or neglect and that the best way to rectify it was to change her last name. By carrying the Biden name, he said the world would know Hunter Biden was her father and she was a part of the prestigious family.

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