Ivanka Trump’s Finances Under Investigation

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(TheRedWire.com) – In recent developments, New York State Attorney General Letitia James has invoked financial records related to Ivanka Trump’s credit card in a new court submission. The broader lawsuit spearheaded by James seeks $250 million from former U.S. President Donald Trump, claiming he exaggerated his net worth to gain advantageous bank loans and tax benefits over ten years, from 2011 to 2021. While Trump vehemently denies these accusations, labeling them politically motivated, it’s crucial to note that the legal proceedings are civil rather than criminal. Therefore, jail time is not a consideration in this particular case.

Last month, presiding Judge Arthur Engoron determined that the elder Trump, his adult sons, and associated businesses had engaged in fraudulent practices. The court will examine six additional allegations, including falsifying business records and insurance fraud.

The spotlight has also turned to Ivanka Trump, with James attempting to mandate her appearance as a witness in court. Lawyers for Ivanka sought to prevent this by filing a motion, insisting she should be exempt from testifying due to being removed from the case earlier because of statute limitations. In a counter-move, James has argued that Ivanka’s testimony is still relevant and necessary.

According to James, Ivanka Trump maintains significant business connections with the Trump Organization, including her roles in multiple entities within the conglomerate. James argues that Ivanka’s attempts to distance herself legally from the Trump Organization hold no merit. Regarding financial benefits, including the receipt of proceeds from property sales and the handling of household expenditures, Ivanka appears fully involved with the family business, contends James.

Moreover, James refuted claims from Ivanka’s legal team that she had not been adequately served with a subpoena. The argument isn’t about how the subpoena was served but that it was served effectively enough to require her testimony, asserts James.

Adding another layer of complexity to the case, Donald Bender, an essential accountant for the Trump businesses, raised questions about discrepancies in the valuation of a Trump Park Avenue penthouse. He testified that the property’s estimated worth differed dramatically depending on whether it was for Ivanka’s purchase or business valuation. The case continues to unfold, spotlighting the legal and ethical frameworks of high-profile business conduct.

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