Liberal Cities Order Residents To House Migrants

Photo by Julie Ricard on Unsplash

( – Many liberal cities are expanding their methods of handling the influx of immigration by calling for residents to open up their homes and allow immigrants to live in them in an attempt to relieve the pressure on the shelter system. 

In Denver, officials had reportedly stated that they were considering alternative methods of housing the migrants who came to the city. Fox 31 had specifically reported that Denver rental property owners had been asked through email if they would be open to renting out their homes to migrants who required housing. 

This move came as the city is scaling back its current migrant services as it tries to deal with a budget deficit of close to $60 million. As part of these efforts, they are also looking to consolidate shelters. 

Denver Human Services official told the outlet that the email had been sent out to all landlords that they had a connection with and that it had been used to inform them that essentially they had newcomers coming into the city who would require housing. Landlords willing to rent would face a rent cap of $2,000 for their properties as the efforts are backed by nonprofits that have been working to connect migrants with different housing types. 

This is only one of the several ideas being considered by cities that have been having a hard time handling the overwhelming surge in migration. In June, New York City Mayor Eric Adams had also pushed the idea that migrants would eventually be moved to private properties with landlords that would get paid for providing their homes. He also pointed out that many faith-based services had also agreed to give shelter to migrants. 

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