School Uses Declaration Of Independence To Divide Parents From Kids

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

( – In Gorham, Maine a public high school gave students a homework assignment that would require them to write a “Declaration of Independence” with different options provided on who they could win their independence from, including their parents.

A public request to the Gorham Public School District allowed Fox News Digital to review the assignment given by Sara Hampton in the 2022-2023 school year. The social studies teacher had given the students a number of assignments, one of which was the Declaration of Independence.

The social studies course was focused on the institutionalization of racism and for evidence of “systemic racism” to be provided. However, it also called for students to address their own supposed internal prejudice. As part of the questions the students were called to confess what “unconscious biases” they may have had.

Other questions that the students were asked during the course included questions about why it was likely that the majority of Americans were sexist and what other subconscious biases they were aware that they had.

A different question asked the students why people would often act defensively when confronted about their “unconscious biases.” Additionally, students were called to declare independence from things that were “problematic” in their lives. One of the possible examples of problematic things provided was “parents.”

In the description of the assignment, it was noted that the students had the chance to declare themselves independent from anything that was problematic in their lives and free themselves from things that made them struggle and caused them stress.

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