Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Employee Flips On Him

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, a Mar-a-Lago club employee, who is known in court records as “Trump Employee 5” claimed that the case against former President Donald Trump was not a “witch hunt” as is claimed by  Trump and his allies. 

The employee in question, Brian Butler, told CNN that he rejected the claims of the charges against Trump being politically motivated in the document mishandling case. He proceeded to outline how he had become an unknowing participant in moving the classified documents boxes. 

Butler told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that the criminal case against Trump had been a shock to him and that it had strained his relationship with Carlos De Oliveira, one of the defendants in this case who he had described as a close friend. He proceeded to point out that this was a “no-win situation” in his case as they were asking questions about one of his closest friends. He added that he had also had the feeling that every answer he was providing could potentially result in one of his closest friends getting in trouble. 

Butler argued that this is not something that anyone should need to go through and that for the former President to be claiming things about it being a “witch hunt” it just showed that he was not capable of taking responsibility for any of his actions. 

He has also explained how Walt Nauta, the co-defendant in this case, had privately requested his assistance in June 2022 in order to move some boxes that contained documents from Mar-a-Lago onto a private jet. As he stated at the time he had no idea that the 10 to 15 boxes that he had been asked to help transport along with De Oliveira and Nauta contained classified documents. 

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